THE GAME. Training on a high


Training on a high could be the fitness worlds best kept secret. And no, we’re not endorsing any sinister substances but instead working out at high above sea level. High altitude training, a technique that reduces the oxygen in a room to stimulate being at a high elevation has finally made it mainstream. The technique has been used by elite athletes for years, with many spending up to two weeks on various mountain slopes to get the benefits, but thankfully a ticket to Everest is no longer required with the first High Altitude Studio arriving in Dubai courtesy of Talise Fitness.

In the custom built room, oxygen is removed from the air so you get the same impact that you would if you were at a high elevation – the room can take you from feeling like you’re in a ski resort all the way up to Mount Everest level with a touch of a button. Matthew Graham, General Manager of Talise Fitness at Madinat Jumeriah says the benefit are endless…

“When training at altitude our heart rate and breathing rate increases dramatically meaning more blood gets pumped around the body and our muscles have to work harder, even though we are not working any differently. This means more calories are used, stamina is increased and its even shown to improve recovery time between workouts”.

But our favourite part – just 45 minutes training at high altitude is the equivalent of a 90 minute workout. More results in half the time? SIGN.US.UP.

The High Altitude Studio at Talise Fitness Madinat Jumeirah is now open. Visit for more information.

Image credit: Karlie Kloss for Self Magazine August 2015

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