THE FUEL. The Supplement Commandments

When it comes to choosing supplements, navigating shelves with filled with supposedly cure-all potions, powders and pills has become something of a sport in itself. The plethora of offerings available on the market makes it a minefield even for the well-informed. To add to the confusion, we are all unique so what works well for some may not have the same effect for others. While there are certainly no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to choosing the supplements, what we do know is that keeping yourself informed and learning the difference between them can certainly set you on the right track. Our contributor Asma Lootah, founder of The Hundred Wellness center, has done just that. As a wellness advocate passionate about continual education and research, her wellness journey has connected her with some of the world’s leading physicians and she has picked up some very insightful supplements tips along the way. Sand & Smoke spoke to Asma who shared the most important considerations when choosing supplements.

“Once you start seeing the positive effect taking the RIGHT supplements for your body, you will never look back.”


The first crucial thing to look for when buying a supplement is for it to be plant-based and not synthetic, because really there is NO competition. Stick with supplements that are plant based, closer to nature and “body ready” so that your body can actually recognize and absorb them.


Choosing “Chelated” minerals whenever possible. Chelated minerals are minerals that are already in a form the human body can easily absorb—unlike typical minerals. Chelated minerals are already bound/chelated to an amino acid, which makes it much easier for your body to absorb and metabolize them.


A adding plant based Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics into my regime helped add that extra edge to my digestive process. Even with a healthy diet of whole foods I still was able to benefit further from adding these powerful enzymes into my daily routine. Digestive Enzymes are the key substances of the digestive process and they work to break down foods for proper absorption of the important nutrients, and once again plant based are the best!


To improve my over all health I had to take an in depth look into my diet. Whole foods should be where you are getting the majority of your essential nutrients, and while supplements can add a healthy boost to your vitality and wellness you should never rely on supplements alone.

*Always speak with your health care professional before you introduce any new supplements into your diet. Your doctor should also be able to test you for any mineral deficiencies and recommend which ones you should take.

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