THE TIMEOUT. The mindlessly slim


We all have friends like these, you know the kind… those people who never seem to put on an ounce of weight, or who even think about their weight for that matter. Those people who go about life in their perfectly fitting skinny jeans, with no regard for diet or exercise, and seemingly immune to the energy in – energy out debates the rest of us face on a daily basis. What is it that these ‘effortlessly slim’ people do or have (other than genetics) that we don’t? It seems, the secrets of this group of people have not only perplexed us but also some of the world’s brightest minds resulting in a study taken by Cornell University – The Global Healthy Weight Registry – to understand how some people manage to stay slim their whole lives without any apparent effort. Although the study is new, there are already some strong common themes emerging in the behaviours of this group and surprisingly many differ to the more mainstream means of weight loss. Below Sand & Smoke rounds up the top insights to come out of the study so far.

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“Its easier to resist food at the store than at home”
“I really regret eating healthy – said no-one ever”
“Quality over Quantity”
“Train to be strong, eat to be lean”


61% say chicken is their favourite meat
7% are vegetarian
33% don’t drink alcohol
35% eat salad everyday for lunch
65% eat vegetables everyday for dinner
51% include fruits and vegetables in their daily breakfast
44% include fruit in their daily snacks
37% don’t drink soft drinks


42% exercise 5 – 7 days a week
Only 10% do no exercise at all
48% don’t diet
50% weigh themselves weekly
29% never weigh themselves

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