For those who are not fasting this Ramadan but using this time to be more mindful of eating habits, then our final installment of The Detox Toolkit should become your ultimate go-to reference to kick start your healthy summer. Our expert nutrition contributor, Gabriele Kurz has created a comprehensive cleanse and nourish plan to guide you through your daily nutritional needs during the detox process. Gabriele recommends to follow this program as closely as possible for at least 3 days to really see the results.

“You should notice that after the second day your body will start to get used to the routine and will not get such intense cravings. What is most important is to stick with it – the results will follow”

*Recipes for all food and drink mentioned below can be found here.


Begin your day with oil pulling. This action draws out toxins in your body and works primarily to improve oral and overall health. Then add the juice of 1 lemon and a thumbnail size amount of fresh ginger to a large glass of filtered, room temperature water. You can alternate this with a large glass of water with half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt instead.


Prepare a Green Drink. Mix wheatgrass or barley grass powder with water or green tea. This helps to alkalize and energize the cells of your body and accelerate the cleansing process.


‘Break your Fast’ with a fresh pressed Green Papaya Cleanse juice. If you are also on more solid food, additional a small bowl of dairy and gluten free Every Day Muesli


For those who also eat solid food during this cleanse, have a chilled peppermint, ginger or other herbal tea or an Aloe Vera Lemonade. For those sticking to a pure liquid cleanse add in a Green Protein Juice or Cashew Coconut Milk.


For those on a liquid cleanse we recommend a savory Celery Tomato Juice, Detox Rose, or a Smoothie such as Dubai Beauty or Talise Greens. If you are eating raw or raw till 4 have the juice and a raw salad.


To boast your energy levels, have a Cucumber Basil Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit Cleanse, or Detox Rose.


For those on a liquid cleanse, try a freshly squeezed vegetable juice with an added tablespoon of wheatgrass or barley grass powder. For those not on a liquid or raw diet we recommend a light miso soup or vegetable soup such as Broccoli Soup, Zucchini Soup, or Minestrone.
After a few days intense cleanse you may also re-introduce lean animal protein in moderation. We recommend steamed or grilled fish, poultry and white meat.


Relax your body with a detoxifying and calming tea Lavender Tea. During the warmer summer months you might enjoy a chilled Black Currant Lemonade.


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