THE FUEL. The detox toolkit: Part 1

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How does glowing skin, shiny hair and an overall healthier, leaner, and more energetic body just in time for summer sound? Pretty damn good as far as we’re concerned. To help us get there, Sand & Smoke has worked with one of the region’s leading resources on health and wellness, (and our newest contributor) – Gabriel Kurz from Talise Nutrition – to create a comprehensive detox toolkit to help you live healthy, feel good and look great –from the inside out. A three part series, the Talise Nutrition detox toolkit will guide you through the essential information you need, plus a detailed program to you achieve that covetable summer glow.

First, the basics.



Neutralize and eliminate toxins.

Our body eliminates toxins regularly through the skin, the colon, the liver, kidneys, lungs and the lymphatic system. Depending on our lifestyle and the environment we live in our self-cleaning system can be too challenged and at times overload by the amount of toxins. Like we brush our teeth and take a shower, we should perform internal cleanses too. There are excellent cleanses and that can be done with food ingredients. Stay tuned as we reveal more in Part 2 on how to work an inner cleanse anytime and anywhere.


Eat naturally healthy and in moderation.

Despite this sounding very simple, many of us struggle here. Much of the food we eat nowadays does nothing to nourish our cells with the right nutritional value and there are so many diets out there which promise “results” and temptations that this can undermine our attempts at reducing weight, body fat and accumulated toxins. Our advice is always choose natural, unprocessed ingredients as much as possible and eat slowly to allow your body to digest food and ensure you eat in moderation. During a detox it is especially important to remember to minimize fat, carbohydrates, dairy and protein. Maintaining a balanced intake of leafy greens, herbs and vegetables is essential.

Stay tuned for the next installment of our Detox Toolkit breaking down the Clean and Nourish program to help you get summer ready.


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