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After the influx of supermodels and “it” girls cramming our instagram feeds in barely-there swimwear and fabulous holiday looks at Coachella this month, the bar for vacation style has been set high as we start to think about what we should be wearing this summer – and nothing says summer like a new swimsuit. Whether your holiday plans involve festival frolics, a sneaky city escape or days spent in a glamorous resort, it’s all about making your swimwear work for you. In the lead-up to our summer escape Sand & Smoke have teamed up with Bloomingdale’s – Dubai to showcase some of their stunning summer looks. With a swimwear department dedicated to the worlds coolest brands such Marysia, To Beach or not to Beach, Pily Q and many more, there is no better place to start your holiday wardrobe planning.  So to make sure your holiday is as stylish as it is relaxing we’ve handpicked some of the region’s coolest women to showcase some of our favourite pieces and, of course, give us their tips on how they are getting ready for summer.

Cristal Lee Harper

colour (10)Swimsuit, Marysia. Jacket, IRO

Cristal Lee Harper is the epitome of a sun-kissed California girl, with surfy blonde locks, a love of all things fun and outdoors and a killer body to match, it’s no wonder this 27-year-old is playing a key part in Dubai’s juice craze. As Business Development Manager for local juice brand Koldpress Juice Kompany, Cristal embodies their “work hard/play hard, but keep it healthy” ethos with her balanced and positive lifestyle and and quite frankly we are sold – we definitely want whatever she is having. Hailing from the beaches of Los Angeles and now living in Dubai, Cristal is no stranger to being beach ready at all times, making her the perfect candidate to showoff the season’s hottest swimwear and give her tips on how to keep it healthy this summer.

“The best way to explore somewhere new is a quick jog or walk around town and the key for a healthy holiday is to avoid carbonated drinks and juices with added sugars. These are sneaky items which can break your routine and create fatigue. Fight that with some activated charcoal, cocktails with fresh lime, soda and mint and a fresh cup of lemon water.”

bw (3)Swimsuit, Marysia.

Mixture of pilates, HIIT cardio and yoga.

I always start my summer body prep with a five day cold-pressed juice cleanse. Post cleanse I am doing a carb cycle (where you interchange high carb days and low carb days to help target fat-loss)

This summer I am headed to Rome and Spain because I have never been and I love the idea of a new adventure and, of course, the gorgeous beaches of Ibiza. We all need to escape the heat of Dubai.

St.Tropez Self Tanner
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Coola Organic Chapstick
Coconut Oil
Raw Aloe Juice
A killer cover-up
Nialaya accessories
MAC Eye Depuffer
Nike sneakers
A Good Book

Aysha Majid

DSC_9453 Swimsuit, Marysia.

If there is one thing that Aysha Majid knows it’s where you should be hanging out this summer… Founder of, an online guide to the hidden gems of the city and beyond, the British-born journalist is the ultimate reference for all things cool. Her natural inclination towards the original and the stylish extends far beyond tracking down the coolest new spots to hangout, she has her finger firmly on the pulse of the best of culture, fashion and of course, travel. Her inimitable sense of personal style and Northern charm means she brings her own unique brand of cool to anything she touches. Whether it’s London, New York or the far flung islands of Asia, Aysha is the ultimate travel companion to have when embarking on your next trip.

“Try not to get caught up in what other people perceive as the perfect body image. How boring would it be if we were all the same shape and size?! Have a cocktail, eat a pizza, but the next day try to substitute the rice for quinoa, that creamy coffee for almond milk, breakfast for a healthy shake and so on.”

bw (8) Swimsuit, Solid & Striped. Jacket, Rag & Bone.

I horse ride three times a week and enjoy doing lengths in the pool when I make time. Any gym time for me consists of no more than 40 minutes (otherwise I lose concentration and get bored).

I’m pretty disciplined in terms of food portions ( I don’t like to feel full) and don’t often eat starchy carbs during the week. I don’t agree with depriving yourself though, life is too short! I think it’s about balance.I have just recently been introduced to the Blood Type diet. It’s quite fascinating and very specific. I’m O and a real carnivore… My friend is A and coincidentally a vegetarian and her advice was almost the complete opposite to mine. Our instinctive interpretation of what works for our body and what doesn’t is actually really fascinating. I also recently found out that I’m allergic to wheat and gluten. I don’t like to obsess about it but when what you’re eating physically effects your mood and makes you uncomfortable, you have to address it and minimise what’s having a negative effect on you.

My favourite holiday destination would have to be North Island, a secluded island in the Seychelles reached by helicopter, full of endangered endemic species. I also spent some time traveling and freelancing in Vietnam when I was younger and fell in love with Hanoi (the people, the city and the food). Lastly, I would have to say London, I have a home there and lived there for 12 years. It’s the greatest city in the world, when it’s not raining…

Good music
Cool Sunglasses
Coconut water

Aimee Changco

colour (4) Jumpsuit, Marysia. Swimsuit, Vitamin B.

As founder of Baembu, a sustainable and ethical line of apparel, Singaporean born Aimee Changco knows a thing or two about summer dressing and staying active while doing it. Having carved out her place in Dubai’s fiercely competitive social media scene, Aimee’s love of all things exercise has caught the eye brands such as Puma and Talise Fitness (she acts as an ambassador for both) with an energy that literally jumps out of the confines of the instagram square. So who better to discuss holidays and staying active with than this 40-year-old beauty who seems to jam-pack more fun into her working week than we can keep up with…

“Getting active, following a balanced diet, staying hydrated and getting plenty of sleep, and also taking extra care of my skin, is how I get ready for the warmer temperatures.”

bw (1) Swimsuit, Pily Q. Pants, MCQ.

I do PT and TRX sessions plus paddle-boarding on weekends as my regular exercise. I also try to squeeze in yoga once in a while.

Lots of Vitamin A enriched fruits and vegetables which are not only good for a healthy diet but also great for anti-ageing.

I am going back to Asia – Bali, Phuket and Singapore – to visit my family and friends, as this is the only time of the year I can have longer holidays to spend with them and experience the season of festivals in Asia. The weather make it the perfect time to visit with brilliant sunshine, clear blue skies, and occasional showers. I like to go to Bali for its culture and I love exploring the undeveloped side of the island and since it’s also harvest month. In Phuket I am doing a wellness retreat and Singapore for my urban holiday dose.

Running Shoes
Workout Gear
Yoga Mat
Snack Stash (nuts, granola bars)
Beach Tote
Inflatable Paddleboard Set 

colour (9) Swimsuit, Solid & Striped. Shorts, Diane Von Furstenberg.

Photographed exclusively for Sand & Smoke in collaboration with Bloomingdale’s – Dubai by Juliet Dunne at Hair & Makeup by Hedi Kalmer Shot on location at Talise Fitness, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

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