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With Nike’s We Run DXB race set to take place in just a couple of days time, we asked our experts and Nike’s ambassadors, Manal Rostom, Sal Ismail and Heba Abdel Gawad, for their last minute advice to ensure you are race ready both mentally and physically…

“It’s all about baby steps. Start learning about your body and start slow. Don’t worry about what you can’t do and start with what you can. Also don’t be afraid to ask for professional advice & guidance when starting your new journey.” Sal Ismail

“When you are aiming for a long distance run you don’t have to have completed the full distance in training as the last 3K will normally come easy due to the release of endorphins and the overall adrenaline rush of taking part in the race.” Manal Rostom”

“You can’t rush progress and things take the time they take. My advice would be to take small, gradual steps to get the body to adapt gradually and not ‘shock’ it in to injury.”Heba

“A mix of work outs, cross training and a build up of kilometres gradually so you don’t get injured, is key.” Manal Rostom

“For running, one of the best things is to condition the feet and knees by working on their mobility and strengthening the muscles around those joints to be able to support you during the run.” Heba Abdel Gawad

“Don’t get too excited at the beginning trying to do so much so fast as this may cause injury take it slow and gradually.” Manal Rostom

“If you’re new to running then my number one piece of advise would be to fix your playlist on your ipod – as running can get really boring.” Manal Rostom

“I am using the Nike 10k as an experiment to see how much the brain and the mental aspect of running influences performance and perceptions of fatigue. So I am doing very little physical training, and focusing much more on breathing exercises and mental training and visualisations.” Heba Abdel Gawad

“Don’t be scared and just do it! It will feel awkward and it will hurt but the cliche of No Pain , No Gain continues to hold absolute truth.” Manal Rostom

WE RUN DXB takes place on November 13th. To learn more, click here for information.

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