Well before athleisure was even a term, and leggings an acceptable form of brunch attire, there was Lorna Jane Clarkson, the woman who single-handedly started the activewear phenomenon. What started 25 years ago sewing her own gym outfits when she grew tired of the dull and uninspiring ranges of workout clothes available for women has grown to 155 stores worldwide (including right here in Dubai!) and an online presence through her portal, Move Nourish Believe that inspires hundreds of thousands of followers every day. Celebrated as the original game-changer in the activewear movement, no-one knows more about getting the most out of your day than this lady. Lorna’s role sees her overseeing the creative direction of her company, directing entire collections and marketing campaigns, authoring cookbooks, and inspiring a generation of women through her empowering online platform. The ultimate role model for inspiring women to reach their full potential, the Australian powerhouse certainly practices what she preaches and her Morning Rituals are no exception.


My Active Living philosophy stemmed from my daily rituals of moving, nourishing and believing, so I think setting a solid morning routine inevitably sets you up for the whole day ahead. It’s so incredibly important to be on top of your game, rather than being behind and playing catch-up. I really do believe that my morning rituals are an essential part of my success and are a key ingredient when it comes to living the lives we want to live.

“What you do every day is what defines you, so make sure you do amazing things.”

My usual wake up time is 5am, anything after 6:30 is a sleep-in for me. I like to think of each morning as a way to hit refresh, looking at every day as a new opportunity. So as soon as I’m up, it’s time to workout. No exceptions. Even if it’s as simple as 15 minutes of light yoga to get my body moving, I make sure I do something to awaken my mind and my muscles first thing every morning.


6am is time for a nourishing breakfast to kick-start my metabolism. They say it’s the most important meal of the day for a good reason! I never, ever skip breakfast in fact it’s my favourite meal. This usually includes a blend of seasonal fruits, nuts and vegetables in a smoothie, and I’m really enjoying the texture a hint of chia adds at the moment. At 7am I walk my dog, Roger. My husband, Bill usually joins us as well. It’s a great way to kick-start some brainstorming for the day ahead and clear our heads before all of our meetings. When I get home ( I check any urgent emails) and then get ready for work, pack my lunch, prepare for any big meetings and head into the office.

From the moment I enter Lorna Jane HQ my day is usually packed full with meetings. Anything from a meeting with my design team to the marketing team, but always creative and innovative. We’re constantly trying to find new ways to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. For us, it’s all about staying relevant and putting the customer first. By about lunch time, I’m usually craving a big box of nourish! If I haven’t managed to bring anything from home, I will have something delivered from one of our Lorna Jane Nourish Cafes (when I’m in Australia).

To say that I’m particular about what I eat is an understatement. I only eat organic, whole foods that are as locally sourced as possible. I don’t eat anything processed and I don’t believe there are short-cuts to a healthy, balanced diet. You’ve got to put the effort in.”

The first Lorna Jane Dubai store is located in Town Centre Mall. Please call +971 52 244 7045 for more information.

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