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We’ve all been there, it’s the end of a long workday, gym kit in the car and all we have to do is decide if we’re going to barre or will it be spin, or maybe yoga… This is when it all gets a little too hard and heading home to the couch seems like the best option. If this sounds a little too familiar, you’re not alone. Decision fatigue as its technically known is a very real and common theme among our generation where we are constantly bombarded with endless options of ways to use our energy. It’s no surprise that making healthy choices can sometimes fall low on our priority list among the thousands of decisions we make all day long. Adam McCubbin aka @thehandsomehulk and the newest Sand & Smoke contributor says it’s not about teaching yourself to how to make more decisions, it’s about reducing the opportunity to make bad choices with a structured routine and proper planning.

“Taking proactive steps, planning and cutting out some of the choices you have to make each day, especially when it comes to your health and fitness, is key.”

We sat down with Adam to get his tips on how to make health and fitness a decision-free part of your routine.


Commit to it. Whether it’s pre-paying for a 10 class package or personal training sessions, making a financial commitment gives you a pretty strong incentive not to be swayed if another options come along. If you’ve booked in advance you also don’t have that last minute panic of what class to do. You know where you have to be and when, simple.


Mark Zuckerburg is famous for wearing the same thing everyday to cut out one decision in the morning. While we don’t think we’ll be wearing the same thing everyday anytime soon, make life easier for yourself by planning your gym outfits in advance, sign up to a healthy meal delivery service – the less you have to think about it when it comes to health and fitness, the better.


Have someone to show up for. Whether it’s a personal trainer or a friend – treat your workout like an important meeting you wouldn’t dare cancel at the last minute. Or set yourself some goals – commit to a certain number of hours of exercise a week. Make sure you keep track of it, it’s rewarding to see when you have met your goal each week.


Habits are the ultimate antidote to decision fatigue. Once its an automatic part of your routine you are on track. But habits are not formed overnight. You need to commit to your routine for at least a month before it becomes a more natural part of your day rather than something to think about.


Seems so simple, yet so many people still dread the gym. Spend some time getting to know what you enjoy and what gives you the most reward. Everyone is different and motivated by different things. Invest in finding out what gets you motivated, once you find that, exercise and health should never be a chore or just another decision again.


Adam is a personal trainer at D5 Executive Gym, for a personal consultation with Adam contact:

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