THE GAME. Is the gym making you fat?


In the ongoing quest for weight-loss gyms have been the biggest winners with memberships skyrocketing as physical activity and active living become a seriously hot topic. However recent studies suggest that physical exercise is not the most important factor when it comes to weight loss. In fact, of the 95% of people who join the gym with the goal of fat-loss, 50% remain the same while 25% actually gain weight – the reason behind these surprising statistics? Nutrition. When it comes to fat-loss the key to the most effective results is 70% nutrition, and only 30% exercise. Now, we are in no way suggesting that you cancel the gym membership and throw away your trainers, but to get the best results from those hours put in at the gym it’s time to understand the facts and re-balance the scales. To help us do just that we spoke to Dylan Eiffe – founder of BARE Fitness, a new studio in Business Bay built on the foundation of the 70-30 rule. Below Dylan gives us the lowdown on some of the common reasons that exercise is not always as effective as we would like, and some tips to help you integrate the principles of the 70-30 rule into your regime to help get you the best results.

“Our approach to wellness is built on three principles. Eat for your metabolism. Train out of your comfort zone. Learn what actually works”


Calories are much easier to consume to burn and it’s almost impossible to win the numbers game when it comes to exercise. Many people fall into the trap of rewarding physical exercise with food or a ‘cheat meal’. The calorie reduction from an hours exercise will never make an impact if it’s being compensated with a weekend splurge.

Exercise can increase your appetite which can often lead to eating more of the wrong foods unless you have a lot of willpower and strong nutrition plan in place.

Not eating for your metabolism. The laws thermodynamics are about calorie input vs. calorie output. Even though people are now more educated on eating the right foods for health (think low G.I., healthy fats and organic) when it comes to weight-loss this also needs to be balanced and understand how much you are burning (either naturally or through exercise) compared to what you are consuming.


Make sure you are in the right head-space. This is why most people fail. Showing up to the gym throughout the week takes motivation, but maintaining a nutrition plan every second, every day, takes a whole different level of dedication and commitment. Understanding and committing to a holistic lifestyle change that involves both nutrition and training will serve you much better than hours in the gym ever will.

Take the time to learn about your body and your metabolism. No two bodies or metabolic rates are the same so its vital to understand what works for you and to devise a nutrition plan that is both healthy and targeted to your specific goals. Investment in a body analysis and comprehensive nutrition plan is money much better spent than on additional gym classes.

Train for quality not quantity. Three times a week is enough if it pushes you out of your comfort zone.

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