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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day…So how do you ensure what you put in will get the most out of your day? We catch up with James Heagney, Sports Nutritionist, PICP Strength Trainer and founder of D5 Dubai for an insight into the best way to supercharge your morning.

“The backbone of any morning routine is breakfast, the more you feed and support your brain, the more focus, concentration, drive and memory you will have.”

Breakfast has two objectives:


For this reason I always like to start the day with a high protein and smart fats breakfast. Protein is essential for effective detoxification due to specific amino acids being the main drivers in Phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification. A breakfast absent of any real noticeable protein will mean the body has no other option than to break down muscle tissue which is not desirable. Weight loss should not be the goal, just fat loss that’s why scale weight can be very misleading and extremely misguided.

Protein is required to support current muscle tissue along with rejuvenation and repair. Without adequate protein your body is compromised in its ability to grow hair, nails and skin elasticity. Protein also regulates appetite especially when in combination with good fats. Protein (amino acids) are the foundational building blocks of cell formation so you could argue that protein is the original rejuvenator of your body.


In order to influence the brain you have to stimulate neurotransmitters. One way to do this is to select foods which are pre-cursors to the favourable neurotransmitters you wish to dominate the brain. The two we are going to focus on are Dopamine (drive) and acetylcholine (memory). If we create an abundance of these nutrients in the brain it will be much easier for you to improve your memory, drive and general get up and go. You will be wide awake and mentally switched on. Red meat is great for stimulating dopamine and eggs for acetylcholine.

Fats are placed in at breakfast to create a slower release of energy coming from the G.I tract (stomach). Smart fats such as avocado, coconut oil and various raw nuts all support enhanced cognitive function as we will cover shortly.

Your brain dictates everything you do so it’s in our best interest to fuel the brain in order to allow us to focus and perform for the day ahead. Anything that improves concentration is on my list. The more you feed and support your brain, the more focus, concentration, drive and memory you will have.


1. Organic Salmon – Loaded with Omega 3, smart fats and very high in protein
2. Avocado – High in monounsaturated fats and also provides a good portion of fiber.
3. Blueberries – Highest fruit in anti-oxidants
4. Green Smoothie – Always a good idea.
5. Organic Eggs – Very versatile and a great source of protein and good fats.

One final thought about breakfast… Skipping Breakfast is not an option, it has been scientifically proven time over, people who skip breakfast typically overeat later on in the day and it’s a generally flawed long-term nutritional strategy. We have all tried it and it never works. One of the most effective strategies for preventing insatiable hunger in the evening is actually eating breakfast and regulating blood sugar levels throughout the day.

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