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We all know variety is the spice of life, and nowhere is this more true than when it comes to your fitness regime. However, existing gym memberships and expensive classes make it challenging to get out of our fitness ruts try out all of the new fitness concepts that are popping up all over the city. Enter GuavaPass, a unique monthly fitness membership that gives you access to some of Dubai’s best studios – no expensive gym membership required. It’s not just the tried and tested Dubai favourites either, the best thing about GuavaPass is that it has uncovered a whole new world of boutique fitness concepts that may have otherwise gone under the radar. To get the low-down on this new guard of studios Sand & Smoke spoke to Melissa Tran, GuavaPass’ general manager who has trialed every studio available on the membership making her the ultimate authority on the classes we need to be trying now. Check out Melissa’s top picks to guarantee you’ll never get stuck in a fitness rut again.

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Pilates Academy

A low impact and fun way to get in some cardio and improve posture and form at the same time. Personal trampolines and Italian pop music mean you’re guaranteed to have fun, and a beautiful studio for added motivation.

Core Fitness Evolution

This is Pilates reformer’s twisted sister. The 45 minutes class gets you toned and burning fat fast with its unique machine designed to leverage your own body weight for a sculpting workout.

Surge Media City

A brand new cycling studio that is all about a high energy cycling experience, more like a night club than a fitness studio. An awesome instructor and great playlist makes the hour fly by.


Amazing for increasing flexibility and getting into those inversion poses that you didn’t think were possible. Located on the 31st floor, its worth a visit just for the gorgeous view of Dubai.

Inspire Yoga Pilates Fitness

This is a high intensity class in a heated yoga room. No two class are the same with light weight and body exercises combined to get you sweaty.

GoGo Dubai

A NSFW dance class incorporating Rihanna dance moves you never knew you had inside of you. It’s so much fun that you forget you’re getting in a killer cardio and lower body workout – that is until the soreness the next day.

For more information on memberships and studios contact GuavaPass.

Cover image credit: Daniella Midenge, 2014