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As the city slows down to welcome the holy month of Ramadan its easy to let our fitness routines slide as changes to meals, sleep and social engagements can disrupt even the most well intended of workout schedules. But the reality is that it is more important than ever to keep your health and fitness on track to provide your body with the right energy and nourishment it needs during the fasting hours and to keep your progress going strong well after Ramadan comes to an end. To offer some insights on the best way how to navigate your fitness and health during Ramadan, Sand & Smoke spoke to James Chandler of Talise Fitness who shared his top 5 tips for a healthy, happy holy month.


Even though you may not achieve the results you want whilst training during Ramadan, you won’t lose the progress you’ve already achieved. Use this time as a maintenance phase in your training program to stay active.


Many people actually gain weight during Ramadan due to the amount of excess calories they eat when it comes to breaking their fast. Control your hunger by eating plenty of fibrous vegetables and good fats, such as avocados to feel full, thus reducing the amount of sweets at the end of your meal.


With the lack of energy you may feel, don’t push yourself too hard like you would normally. Reduce the intensity of your workout by lowering the weight or repetitions to maintain your current strength levels. If you’re having a cardio workout, again, drop the speed to an adequate level that you feel comfortable with.


Train when you feel you have the most energy, as everyone has a preferred workout time where they feel best. By training at a time when you’re more tired than usual will only increase risk of injury through improper technique and lack of focus, along with increasing potential sickness.


Ensure you drink more than your usual amount of water when you’re not fasting. With Ramadan being in the summer, it is important not to get dehydrated, especially if you are training and sweating a lot.
Sand & Smoke wishes you and your family a blessed, healthy Ramadan.

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